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I have never heard of a single person who actually wanted their computer to be afflicted with spyware. Nor have I heard of someone who wanted to have a program trick them out of their hard earned money. These sorts of things just happen sometimes, but you don’t have to let them happen to you. You don’t have to let spyware or rogue programs like Spyware Fighter take advantage of you.

Spyware Fighter is a rogue antispyware program. Though on the surface it can be quite convincing, you must beware. It may seem legitimate, but this program is dangerous. It uses devious methods in order to weasel its way onto your computer, usually with a Trojan horse program. Once it has been downloaded and installed by the Trojan, Spyware Fighter will begin a series of deceptions in an attempt to steal your money.

After installation, Spyware Fighter starts to deliver warnings to you. Sometimes they will be bubbles from your task tray and other times they will be like pop-ups. No matter how the messages are delivered, they will always warn you that your computer may be infected with spyware. They will also suggest that you let Spyware Fighter scan your system.

If Spyware Fighter is allowed to scan your computer, it will put on quite the convincing show. The scan it performs won’t be real at all and when it has finished, it will present you with a set of results. As can be guessed, these results are fake as well. The threats listed are made up. Some of them may even be legitimate files that are necessary for your computer to work or your personal files.

At this point, Spyware Fighter will tell you that you only have the trial version of the program and that if you want the threats removed, you will have to pay for the full version. However, the full version of Spyware Fighter doesn’t do anything to protect your computer from real threats. It will neither remove them nor protect your computer from future infections. For this reason, it should be avoided at all costs and removed from your computer if it has infected it.

Manual removal of rogue software can be difficult. Even if you could remove Spyware Fighter manually, you would still have a Trojan horse problem and there’s no telling what other programs it may download. That is why the only real protection from malicious software is to have a reliable and genuine antispyware program.

SpyZooka is the only real antispyware program guaranteed to remove 100% of spyware. It is produced by a company that has been members in good standing with the Better Business Bureau for years. Since it uses a robot to search the Internet constantly for new threats, you can always be sure that SpyZooka will be up to date and ready to properly protect your computer. There’s nothing better than complete protection. Get SpyZooka today.

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