.Fotomoto.Gen infection: Another reason to hate indy rock

You know, maybe it’s because I’m not in the current trends, but I really hate Indy Rock. When I got .Fotomoto.Gen, you can just imagine how I felt seeing some band I never heard of in a pop up. I found out later that my problem was much worse than just some fad band doing advertisements. It turns out that I had a really nasty malware infection.

I figured it was adware doing this, so I ran my spyware remover to get rid of it. Well, I tried to. It apparently didn’t work anymore. So I was in the market for a new antispyware program. I found this one called SpyZooka that looked pretty good. The more I looked at it, the better it seemed, so I tried the trial version. It found that my problem was this Fotomoto thing. I downloaded the full version, and within minutes, my problems were over.

I decided to look into what this adware does. Apparently, it was what killed my spyware remover. It also could have been a lot worse if I had let it go on. My files could have been stolen; my computer could have been infected with a virus, and a whole bunch of other things! I’m really glad that I got this taken care of when I did. SpyZooka had everything I needed, and it looks like I won’t ever need anything else.

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