GBDial is a dialer that dials toll numbers through the modem of your PC. These toll numbers are generally high-cost, and will be charged to your telephone bill. GBDial may place additional pornographic material on your computer when dialing these numbers. You may have gotten GBDial installed on your computer by visiting questionable websites, or because your security settings and operating system are lax. GBDial can install additional malware on your PC, which can cause your operating system to become unstable and slow. It may also collect information about what you do when you are online. To remove GBDial manually, you must locate and delete all files and registry values associated with it, which is a rather complex and difficult process for most users. To remove GBDial quickly, it is advised that you use a reputable antispyware application such as Spyzooka, which scans and detects all viruses and infections, then completely removes them with one scan.

GBDial Dialer

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%homepath%\desktop\access members area.exe, %workingdir%\[RandomName].exe

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  1. Betty Scott says:

    I’m using windows xp, and I use to be protected by avg very well until now. I gave my computer a free scan with Spyzooka and it found GBDial. I didn’t know what it means, and I forgot about it, until my bill at the internet provider came up.
    I realized I didn’t access any porn site, neither call on high cost phones. So I decided to try with Spyzooka, and my computer is working fine now, with a low cost of the phone bill…

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