How Do You Detect BHO.ajt Adware Invasion

Is your computer running slower than normal, and if so what does that mean? It could be that you have too many windows running concurrently or that you need to compress some old files and free up some space or it could be that you have adware on your computer. Well, how do you detect BHO.ajt adware invasion? Are there other signs and symptoms to let you know your system may be infected? Of course there are.

Spyware, adware, and malware can cause your computer to behave strangely, especially if you use Internet Explorer. Below are some red flags that you may have a problem:

E-Mail – Do you get a lot of emails bouncing back? Is there evidence of emails being sent without your consent or knowledge?

This is actually “spamware,” which is a trojan that can copy your email address book and send it back to an email spammer. Not only is this an invasion of privacy, you can imagine what potential problems this software could cause.

Computer Performance – Does your computer crash frequently? Is it much slower than normal? Does it take forever to load anything and everything?

Adware and spyware programs basically eat up your computers resources. It tracks your activities and will deliver repetitive pop-ups that basically slow down your computer and in some cases cause it to crash.

Flooded With Pop-Ups – Is your desktop flooded with adult websites or other objectionable material? This is another problem caused by adware which will increase in time to the point where your computer is basically useless.

New Desktop Shortcuts – Have you noticed a new home page or shortcuts on your desktop? These browser bandits or “hijackers” can change your home page and add shortcuts to your desktop. Sometimes, you are unable to change your home back to the original default page.

These are just a few of the signs that let you know you need to act fast to remove unwanted spyware. Anti-spyware removal software is the easiest route to take. After installing anti-spyware software, you can quickly detect and remove these annoyances and get back to surfing the net with no problems.

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