How Do You Know If Your Computer is Infected with BHO.alt Adware

As you know, there are far too many adware software programs to count, but how do you know if your computer is infected with BHO.alt adware or any other types of adware?

Listed below at just a few indications that your computer may contain spyware:

* The computer takes longer to open the Windows desktop
* Pop-up advertising windows appear when the browser is not open or over Web pages that do not normally have pop-ups
* Web pages are automatically added to list of favorites
* Additional toolbars are added to the browser
* Desktop icons are automatically added to the desktop
* Clicking a link does nothing or goes to a non-related Web site
* Poor system performance, especially while browsing the Internet
* The computer stops responding more frequently
* Performing a search from a search page provides results on a different site
* Browser closes unexpectedly or stops responding

I’m sure at some point in time you may have experienced on ore more of these occurrences listed above. The questions then becomes is my computer infected? It is extremely important that you get to the root of the problem because among all of the annoying signs previously mentioned, adware can sometimes change settings on your computer that you cannot turn back. People usually annoy the problem until their computer is no longer functional and they end up paying a computer tech to have their entire system wiped clean and everything reinstalled.

There is an easier way to remove adware from your PC. Unlike a virus, worm, or Trojan, these threats ranging from slight to critical, can be easily removed with a spyware removal program. Picking the right program can be a daunting task since there are so many, but one of the programs, which should be at the top of your list, is Spyzooka. This program has proven results, guaranteed performance and customer support that is quick to respond in case you have questions or problems.

Don’t waste your money having your hard drive wiped and reinstalled, try a spyware removal program first.

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