InternetSecurityDeluxe – Don’t Be Taken In!

One of the many phony antispyware scams going around, InternetSecurityDeluxe is a corker! It will self-install on your machine, having arrived there via a Trojan such as Vundo or Zlob, or quite possibly from a phony video codec file download, typically from a porn site. However it got there, InternetSecurityDeluxe will then set about its appointed task of making your web surfing life miserable! It will hijack your browser; annoy you with constant “warnings” about your system security, (which you now know has some issues!) and attempt to con you into buying their super-duper antispyware fix that will solve all your spyware and computer problems with the click of a mouse!

Once you opt for this offer, you’re pretty much sunk. It will not fix anything, and in fact, there probably wasn’t anything TO fix other than InternetSecurityDeluxe in the first place! But now, you’ve allowed it in, and have effectively opened the doors of your computer to a whole host of other, more harmful spyware and malware, that will really do some damage. Many of these parasites are designed to perform stealthy operations in your computer to steal critical personal information such as financial data, and social security numbers. They then transmit this info to servers that disseminate it to whoever might have a use for it. Can you say, “identity theft”!

Getting rid of InternetSecurityDeluxe and its friends needs to be priority one now, but do not try and do it yourself. You won’t succeed! InternetSecurityDeluxe and others like it are very adept at hiding themselves and disguising filenames, so it’s a virtual certainty that you wouldn’t find it all, and it’d be back in the morning!

Instead I advise using proven and trusted antispyware software like SpyZooka. It will ferret out all traces of InternetSecurityDeluxe and leave your computer clean and ready for serious surfing once again!

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