IST.PowerScan Removal Help

How did IST.PowerScan get onto your computer?  It is often downloaded with other spyware.  It has downloaded itself from P2P websites as well as from music lyric sites.

The program will install itself onto your computer without obtaining user permission or, for that matter, even letting you know what’s going on.  It’s a program that you could basically pick up anywhere—without ever even knowing it.

Power Scan installs in the Program Files directory in Windows.  You can try to get rid of it by deleting its directory but it may pop up again or re-infect your computer from another site.

How can you tell if it has infected your computer?  PowerScan is a piece of adware, which means it may display unasked for advertisements, pop-ups, and pop-unders on your computer.  It may cause your PC or laptop to work much more slowly than usual.

This malicious software will very likely install an icon into your start menu and/or on your desktop.  It often resides at Program Files\Power Scan\  and  Start Menu\Programs\Power Scan.  You can try deleting the folders yourself, but this can get tricky.

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