Win32.Knightseven Trojan

Win32.Knightseven is a backdoor spyware program.  It functions in the same way that many legitimate remote administration programs do.  The difference is these programs use the access to your PC as a way to gather data or use your machine to its dirty work.  This pest will leave the following fingerprint f39f27410b37e9d1.

However, understand these backdoor programs are typically very difficult to detect.  Win32.Knightseven will hide its processes for the sole purpose of making itself unseen.  Some signs of infection include a slow computer, strange files and programs cropping up, missing files and e-mails being sent without your knowledge or consent.



Recommended Action:
Remove at once.

Win32.Knightseven can be removed manually but not without some degree of difficulty.  Average users may find the process confusing and time intensive.  However, it can be achieved by locating all files, folders, processes and registry entries related to this program.  All must be terminated and deleted.

For professional removal, SpyZooka is an excellent choice.  SpyZooka comes with an all-automated system that requires no heavy lifting on your part.  The work is done for you.  SpyZooka will scan, detect and remove all spyware quickly and easily.

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3 Responses

  1. Ken Lauren says:

    Three days ago, a friend told me about bluepenguinsoftware, so I was looking about what it means. Finding Spyzooka, I ran a full scan, and the reason I installed the upgrade is because it found a lot of infections that my antivirus didn’t found.
    Now my computer is working normally, thanks to Spyzooka.

  2. Tom Backet says:

    I’m a computer professional and I know what I’m doing. I could have removed Knightseven manually, but I decided to try Spyzooka because my sister needed her computer immediately. Spyzooka detected Knightseven on the first scan and I’ve been able to clean up the computer in less 20 minutes.

  3. Oliver Zuleger says:

    Damn, awesome website. I actually came across this on Bing, and I am really happy I did. I will definately be coming back here more often. Wish I could add to the post and bring a bit more to the table, but am just taking in as much info as I can at the moment.

    Thank You

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