Win32.Knockex Trojan

Backdoor Trojan pest, Win32.Knockex, will definitely “knock” your system for a loop.  Designed to enter a PC without the knowledge of the user, this Trojan will open up an additional port to wait for further word from its hacker.  Upon receiving its instructions, it will continue its malicious work.  Opening files and running applications is just the beginning.  You are at serious risk of having your identity stolen with this program.  The worst of it is having total control go over to the hacker, which is the ultimate goal of this program.

a variant of Win32/Kryptik.HM


Recommended Action:
Remove at once.

Win32.Knockex can be eliminated in a couple of different ways.  Manual removal is possible but quite challenging.  If you are a newcomer to program removal, you can actually do more harm than good to your PC.  Proceed with caution and do the following for manual removal.  Find and remove all files, folders and processes that are associated with Win32. Knockex.

The other method is a professional cleaner.  That is found in SpyZooka.  With SpyZooka, you have an automated system that is simple to use. It will not only eradicate the existing spyware, it will keep your PC from being penetrated in the future.

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  1. Anna Pavlova says:

    Earlier today when I went to a website my McAfee virus protection said something about Win32.Knockex being on my computer (I tried to delete it and quarantine it but it wouldn’t allow me to). Since then I’ve been running every diagnostic Win32.Knockex program that I can find, but nothing helped. I ran a scan with SpyZooka, it found the problem and removed it. This software is great!

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