Backdoor and Trojan program Win32.Lacur will use traditionally helpful methods of advancing on its target.  Backdoors have been used in the past by programmers as a way of troubleshooting programs after they have been installed.  They are necessary in order to tweak problems that come up.  However, malicious programmers have taken this technology and mutated it into something that is dangerous and malicious.

Win32.Lacur enters using this backdoor technology and usually under the guise of another beneficial program.  Once it has gained access, it will leave the following fingerprints behind: 122aa18909b8b2df…, 936843a37b24b4d5.


Related Files:

Backdoor Trojan

Recommended Action:

Remove at once.

Manual removal can be attempted but it cannot guarantee the prevention of re-infection.  However, you can remove manually by enabling Task Manager and deleting all files, folders, processes and registry entries inserted by the Win32.Lacur.  If this has not proven successful, then a secure and safe removal can be sought through a reputable anti-spyware application.

SpyZooka offers comprehensive protection and immunity from spyware.  SpyZooka uses up-to-date technology to ensure you are fully protected.  You will also find no better guarantee in the business.  SpyZooka promises 100% removal of ALL spyware or your money back.

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2 Responses

  1. Danielle Brown says:

    My computer was infected with Win32.Lacur and I don’t know what harm can it cause exactly, but I was sure that I want to get rid of it because it slowed down the computer dramatically. I found many removal tools and nothing worked except this one. Thank you for the help!

  2. Maya Lawrence says:

    I’ve used every major antispyware available and when a colleague told me about this program I didn’t give it a second thought.
    I tried SPYZOOKA with an open mind and found it actually superior with a much faster and deeper scan.

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