LastDefender is a rogue security program that displays fake system notifications to the user, warning of infections and threats.  LastDefender is corrupt, and sends these aggressive security alerts in order to convince the user that their PC is infected, and that they should purchase the product to remove these threats.  This rogue is incapable of scanning, detecting or removing anything from your PC.  LastDefender is malware, and will track your online activities as well as access private information.  Your PC may become slow or unstable due to the enormous amount of system resources and memory used by LastDefender.

Recommended Action:
Remove Immediately

Last Defender
The Last Defender

Manual Removal:
To remove LastDefender manually, you must kill all running processes.  It is then imperative that all related files and values are located in the Windows registry so that they can be deleted.  Manual removal is a complex process that should not be undertaken unless you are an expert, as severe damage to your PC could result.

To remove LastDefender automatically, it is suggested that you use a reliable antispyware tool such as SpyZooka, which is intended specifically for this purpose.

Related Files:

UserProfileLocal SettingsTempVar1.tmp
UserProfileLocal SettingsTempVar2.tmp
C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersDesktopThe Last Defender.lnk
C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersStart MenuProgramsThe Last DefenderThe Last Defender Help.lnk
C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersStart MenuProgramsThe Last DefenderThe Last Defender.lnk
ProgramFilesThe Last Defendercur.ver
ProgramFilesThe Last DefenderLastDefender.exe
ProgramFilesThe Last DefenderThe Last Defender Help.url
ProgramFilesThe Last Defendervir1.db
ProgramFilesThe Last Defendervir2.db

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  1. Larry Finn says:

    I didn’t read all these information before I’ve get infected with the virus. I’ve payed for a fake license and now, nobody can give my money back. Here I’ve found some good posts about lots of viruses that I had no idea that exists. Great job!

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