Let Spyzooka Block AdwareGirs for You

Spyzooka knows that it can be difficult to figure out which Browser Helper Objects you downloaded and which ones were maliciously downloaded without your permission. We meticulously keep track of useful BHOs and harmful ones. AdwareGirs is associated with harmful spyware tactics. If you think you have downloaded AdwareGirs, let us remove it for you immediately before your whole system crashes.

AdwareGirs comes in a bundle with a Trojan. The names of adware change on a weekly basis, so it can go unnoticed by a number of inadequate anti-spyware programs. Spyzooka knows Trojans change names of adware on a weekly basis. We have a robot that combs the Internet for updates, definitions and trends in malware. So if you have downloaded AdwareGirs, you can count on Spyzooka to have the remedy before your computer crashes.

Many programs will automatically delete any BHO or cookie that you have downloaded. Sometimes, one piece of spyware will contain as many as 30 files. Most programs report these files as individual infections. The shock value of having over 100 infections repaired makes them look like the good guys. More times than not, you are deleting three pieces of spyware with several files. Don’t be fooled by programs that report excessive malware. The programs that usually report large amounts of malware are rogue anti-spyware programs.

Since AdwareGirs is installed silently, you usually don’t notice it until the pop ups start. The sure sign of an infection is closing out a pop up that gets past your firewall every minute or so. AdwareGirs runs in the background tracking all of your browser habits and reporting them to their third party advertisers. The advertisers will customize their ads according to your browsing habits. This is also a gateway to more spyware, adware, and rogue anti-spyware programs.

If you think you are infected with AdwareGirs, try running a free scan with Spyzooka. We offer a 24 hour removal guarantee that is unheard of in the world of anti-spyware programs.

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