Nodelm is a backdoor Trojan. It allows the attacker remote access to the infected computer. This means an attacker can steal passwords, access personal data, and install more programs that are malicious. Basically, it allows the attacker to do whatever they choose on an infected computer without the user’s knowledge or consent.


Security Risk
Nodelm has an elevated security risk due to its ability to run without knowledge.


Related Files
Nodelm randomly names files.

Manual Removal Instructions:
Due to the random names generated by Nodelm, it is very difficult to remove manually. You would need to run a full computer scan to identify the files. SpyZooka provides a free scan for anyone wishing to identify spyware on his or her computer. Once the files are identifies, you need to delete the files and the processes associated with the files.

Software Removal Instructions:
After running the free computer scan, you can purchase a license from SpyZooka that is good for one year. Not only will SpyZooka remove Nodelm but it will also remove any other spyware it finds on your computer. In addition, it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

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