Noknok is a remote administration tool (RAT). RATs vary in severity and have a variety of functions to meet the needs of the attacker. While some do nothing more than annoy, they have the potential of taking over your computer. If you have a RAT on your computer, then your entire computer is at risk including passwords, personal information, Internet access, and anything else you may have stored on your computer.

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Security Risk
Noknok has a high security risk due to its ability to spread without user knowledge.


Noknok.Trojan, BD NokNok 5.0

Related Files
agreement.txt, client.exe, gui.exe, howitworks.txt, znneye.exe, nnportscan.exe, readme.txt, register.txt, resource.h, saranwrap.txt, setup!!!.txt

Manual Removal Instructions:
1.    Stop the following processes
a.    client.exe, gui.exe, nneye.exe, nnportscan.exe
2.    Delete the following files
a.    agreement.txt, client.exe, gui.exe, howitworks.txt, nneye.exe, nnportscan.exe, readme.txt, register.txt, resource.h, saranwrap.txt, setup!!!.txt

Software Removal Instructions:
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