Nunci is a dialer that connects your PC to the internet through expensive toll numbers using your modem. If connected, these charges will be added to your telephone bill. Nunci will also change your web browsers default start, and changes your registry so that the program runs on every start up. It may also place shortcuts on your desktop, and install additional malware.

Nunci is often placed on your PC due to visiting questionable websites, although it may install without your knowledge because of weak or insufficient security settings. When more malware is installed, your computer and personal information are at severe risk because the malware will track your online activities and gather data to send to third parties. It will affect your PC, causing it to become very slow and in some instances crash.

Manual removal of Nunci may be possible through your add/remove programs in your control panel. You may also wish to locate all files that are related and manually delete them, though this is not advised. Manual removal, when done incorrectly, can cause severe damage to your computer. The best action to take is to get a reputable antispyware tool such as Spyzooka to scan and detect all parasites and infections, then thoroughly remove them.


Related Files:
sys.exe, snss.exe

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2 Responses

  1. Damian Peters says:

    I had a huge phone bill for two months. My antivirus didn’t found nothing. I ran a scan with SpyZooka, just to be sure that everything is fine. It found Nunci and some other issues. I’m glad that it seems to be gone now and that the computer is moving faster.

  2. Ryan Richards says:

    Excellent anti-spyware program, great detection rate, never misses anything. SpyZooka is the best!

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