Obfuscated is a trojan that is highly dangerous. It spies on the user, and can disable your system’s security. In most cases, this infection is simply a fake threat. However, it has the ability to place additional malware on your PC, and will advertise false security warnings in order to persuade the user to buy their product for removal. Obfuscated is a useless tool, and has no ability to detect or remove any type of infection or threat that may exist.

Many programs use the Obfuscated name, however the real Trojan.Obfuscated.vin is severely threatening. In either case, you should remove theses infections as soon as detected. Obvious symptoms that you have parasites on your PC are a slowing of your computer, browser redirection and incessant pop-up ads and security alerts. Manual removal may be attempted by using your add/remove programs in your control panel, but other related files may exist that must be deleted, which is a very difficult process. The best advice is to use a reputable antispyware tool for this purpose, such as Spyzooka, which guarantees 100% removal of all parasites and infections with one scan.


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  1. Kaleb Suarez says:

    I just found this – Trojan.Obfuscated.vin – on my computer. My antivirus has deleted it, but I’m not so sure about that because I still receive annoying pop-ups. A friend told me not to buy the license for this, because my computer will became worst. He also told me about Blue Penguin and that I can trust it, because he is using it also. So…now I’m using SpyZooka and I can see that I’m really protected. Thanks for helping me!

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