Oh Veevo! Who’s Got Bad BHO?

Browser helper objects like Veevo are the bad kind of BHOs to have. They do annoying things like embed themselves in your browser window and spy on you. First spotted in November of 2003, Veevo’s purpose is unknown. This makes it all the more dangerous. It could be a harmless add-on for Internet Explorer that somebody forgot to classify. It could be a malicious tool used to hijack your browser settings and search results, leading you to places you really would be better off not visiting.

Regardless of Veevo’s purpose, you are better off with it NOT on your computer. You don’t need to know what its purpose is beyond the fact that it is a BHO. While browser helper objects are not inherently bad, they can be. It depends on who’s using them. All BHOs like Veevo are capable of downloading other malware, delivering pop up ads, and recording your browsing habits for somebody’s database. Given that Veevo’s purpose is unknown, this database could just as likely be tucked indiscreetly away in some shadowy corner of Bangladesh as it could be in your neighbor’s basement. Unless you’re into that sort of voyeurism, you’re better off finding a way to ditch this potentially malicious program.

Because BHOs were originally designed by Microsoft for use with Internet Explorer, you could solve the problem simply by switching to a more secure browser such as Mozilla FireFox. Of course, you could also save yourself the trouble of switching browsers and simply solve the problem once and for all by getting yourself a good anti-spyware program like Spyzooka.

Spyzooka guarantees removal of all malware, including anything embedded with bad BHOs. They are so confident of their ability to do this that they offer a 100% removal guarantee or your money back. And they have reason to be confident. Not only has their product stood the test of computer-related time and won lots of awards, but they have a spyware-hunting robot on their side. This robot is constantly searching for new, malicious programs to protect you from, so you can rest easy knowing that you have the best protection on the Internet. No more bad BHO for you.

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