Olourk is a backdoor Trojan. This particularly sneaky Trojan installs and starts csrss.exe. Then it deletes itself.

Olourk comes in as a Microsoft document and exploits a known security flaw. Then it opens up an Internet Explorer process giving the attacker access to the infected computer. It bypasses firewalls and opens up a TCP port. This gives the attacker complete access to the infected computer. The program steals passwords and other personal information.

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Manual Removal Instructions:
1.    Temporarily shut off System Restore. Otherwise the Olourk will just reinstall itself.
2.    Run the free SpyZooka scan to identify spyware files.
3.    Delete the registry values found
4.    Delete the files found

Software Removal Instructions:
Click below to start the free scan. Once it is complete, purchase a license good for one year. Then click “Take Action.” SpyZooka will remove 100% of spyware from your computer. Running SpyZooka on a regular basis will keep your information safe and your computer running like new. It comes with a 60-day money back guarantee ensuring satisfaction.

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