Not much is known about Win32.Pirasa!ts other than that it is a backdoor Trojan.  Most of these parasites work in the same manner.  They gain entry without knowledge or consent and then work to open your computer up making possible for remote administration by another hacker.

What makes these programs really dangerous is that not only can the hacker get it but anyone else!  You would be doing yourself a great service by removing this program as soon as possible.

How do you know you’ve been infected?  A slow computer is often the first sign followed by other strange happenings like new programs and files spontaneously appearing and your computer restarting on its own.


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Backdoor Trojan

Recommended Action:
Remove at once.

Removing Win32.Pirasa!rts manually is easier said than done and is certainly not for the meek.  You must remove all related files, folder, processes and registry values.  These files and such are difficult to identify and manual removal is not always successful.  For a surefire method of removal, you can try SpyZooka.  SpyZooka scans to detect infections and then promptly removes them.  With SpyZooka you receive a stellar guarantee that eliminates all risk in trying the application.

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  1. Alan Rodriguez says:

    After “fighting” with Norton’s Antivirus product to get rid of Win32.Pirasa!rts and experimenting with numerous other AV vendors’ products, I find SpyZooka to be utterly AMAZING! It installs quickly and it is incredibly efficient!

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