Plsex is a porn-dialer that uses the modem of your computer to dial premium cost numbers that connect to questionable or pornographic websites. This may be done purposely, or may happen when you accidentally visit a questionable website. Plsex may also install in some instances if your security settings are weak.

Plsex poses a high danger risk to your PC, and should be removed. Plsex may modify or change your system files, which will affect the performance of your computer. It may also place additional malware on your PC, which often causes slow performance because of the resources and memory these malicious applications use. Malware may also collect information about your personal business, passwords, search queries and anything else you do while online. Manual removal of Plsex may be done by using the add/remove programs located in your control panel, or by attempting to locate all related files and remove them. This is not advised, as you run the risk of inflicting permanent damage to your PC. A reliable antispyware tool such as Spyzooka is designed to scan your PC for infections, parasites and other security threats, then detect and remove them at once.


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  1. Sean Dobson says:

    Installed SpyZooka after removing other antispyware and my laptop is running faster. Excellent program.

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