Powerantivirus Is Abusing Their Power

Powerantivirus would like you to believe that they can solve all of your computer problems. This is not the case. Powerantivirus is a rogue antispyware program that tricks users into believing that they have been infected with malicious software, or malware, but will infect you with it instead.

If you have malware on your computer you will know it. Your computer will slow down and your will be bombarded with pop up ads. These programs get right down to business, so most likely if you have a problem you will already know it, you will not have to be notified by another program through a pop up ad.

Once you see powerantivirus, it will warn you that you may be infected and that you should take advantage of their free scan to determine what problems you may have with your computer. Power antivirus will tell anyone that they are having computer. However, this free scan incentive is only to get you to click on their program, giving them access to your computer and the opportunity to download malware onto your computer.

Malware cannot simply choose the computer it wants to infect and go to town. The user has to click on the program to initiate downloading and this free scan enables this click. We are all scared by words like warning, damaging, and urgent. This program takes advantage of these words and the fear that they evoke. So, you feel pressure, a little afraid, and click to see the results of the scan.

Unfortunately for you, not only is the scan fake, but your computer is infected by malware now. The program will continue on, offering you a full version of their program for a price, but they have already gotten you. Plus, their full version that is supposed to get rid of the infections will not perform.

The biggest problem that you have on your hands now, with having the malware on your computer is that these programs often allow the programmers to get access to your credit card information or other things that can be used to take your money or steal your identity. If you don’t have this information stored on your hardware, they often have key loggers that will retain the information that you type online. You need to get rid of powerantivirus immediately!

However, if you try to do this by yourself, you are in for a great game of hide and seek. These malware programs operate using Trojan horses which are computer programs that hide in temporary files and are always labeled to be helpful programs that are essential to your computer functioning. So, your solution of hitting uninstall for powerantivirus will not work so well. You can manually go looking, but it’s really just a guessing game.

Yes, it is time to call in the experts. Spyzooka has lots of experience in removing malware efficiently and with total success. Their 100% guarantee will allow you to have complete confidence in their work.

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