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AntiSpySpider is a rogue security program disguised as a legitimate antispyware tool. AntiSpySpider attempts to make the user believe that security threats exist on their PC through aggressive security alerts warning of infections. They want to frighten the user, so that they will buy the product in order to rid their PC of the threats and parasites. AntiSpySpider is not capable of scanning your PC, nor can it detect or remove any type of security threat. It is all a ruse to steal your money. AntiSpySpider may collect private information and modify system files that are crucial for your computer to function properly. It may also place additional malware on your PC, making the problems even worse. A slow running PC, pop-up ads, spam emails and browser redirection are all common symptoms of malware.Recommended Action:
Remove Immediately Once Detected

AntiSpy Spider,
Anti Spy Spider,

Manual Removal:
While manual removal of AntiSpySpider is possible, it is not advised due to the risk of damaging your computer. All associated running processes must be killed, and related files and values deleted in the Windows registry and various other locations. You also run the risk of deleting files accidentally that are crucial for proper performance. To remove AntiSpySpider automatically, it is recommended that you use a reliable antispyware tool such as Spyzooka, which is intended for this purpose.

Related Files:
AntiSpySpider.exe sft.res sockins32.dll sockots64.dll

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2 Responses

  1. Anna Ewing says:

    My computer was infected with AntiSpySpider and it seemed to be impossible to remove it. It was giving me warnings about malwares infections every half hour. My antivirus program wasn’t able to remove it, so I tried something else.
    SpyZooka helped me to get rid of this annoying virus and my computer works fine now. Thank you for the big help!

  2. Nathan Sheppard says:

    I had this virus in my computer, I have tried several antiviruses and anti-spyware programs, they found W32/AntiSpySpider and they was able to delete it. But after a while, this W32/AntiSpySpider
    was at the same place. After installing SpyZooka this virus was removed and never came back.

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