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BraveSentry is a rogue antispyware program that promotes itself as a legitimate spyware removal tool. BraveSentry is spyware, and advertises aggressively to the user with misleading and fraudulent information, informing of security threats that exist. This rogue is not capable of doing any of the things it says it does, such as scanning, detecting and removing parasites or infections. BraveSentry is invented by hackers for the purpose of taking your money, and may cause your compute to become slow or unstable. It may also access private passwords and other information, and track your online activities.

Recommended Action:
Remove Immediately

Brave Sentry

Manual Removal:
To remove BraveSentry manually,
you must kill all associated running programs.
It is then necessary to locate and delete all related files and values in the Windows registry,
which can be difficult due to their ability to hide from the user.
Manual removal of BraveSentry is not advised due to the risk of damage to your PC. To remove BraveSentry automatically, it is suggested you use a reputable antispyware tool such as Spyzooka,
which is intended for this purpose.

Related Files:

alg.exe, bravesentry.exe, kerneles8.exe, maxd64.exe,
services.exe, taskdir.exe, voi[X1].exe, vxgame[X2].exe,
vxgamet[X2].exe, vxh8jkdq[X2].exe, win32.exe, xpupdate.exe,
bravesentry0.dll, bravesentry1.dll, bravesentry2.dll,
bravesentry3.dll, comdlg64.dll, msupdate32.dll, tio[X1].dll,
winbixnkq32.dll, zlbw.dll

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