Remove Reg Sweep

Reg Sweep is a rogue antispyware program designed to trick users into believing that their PC is infected with security threats so that they will purchase their product. This application is a fake, and has no ability to scan your PC, nor can it detect or remove infections or security threats of any kind. Results displayed of infected files are fabricated to persuade users to purchase. Reg Sweep installs through trojans such as Vundo and Zlob from files the user may download such as video, music or freeware. Reg Sweep commonly installs without the users knowledge or consent, and may collect information about your online activities. It may also install additional malware, so prompt removal is necessary to avoid further problems and potential damage to your PC.

Recommended Action:
Immediate Removal


Manual Removal:
While manual removal of Reg Sweep is possible, it is not advised. The user must locate every related file and value, then delete them. All running processes must be halted. This is a difficult process even for those who are skilled, as the files that must be removed have the ability to hide from the user. The best action to take is to use a reputable antispyware tool such as Spyzooka, which removes every trace of infection or security threats in a single scan.

Related Files:
Regsweep.exe RegCleaner.dll zlib.dll TCL.dll

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