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Scumware-Remover is a rogue security program that displays aggressive and incessant security alerts to the user for the purpose of alarming them. Scumware-Remover wants the user to believe that their PC is infected with spyware, so that they will purchase the product in order to remove it. Scumware-Remover is not capable of scanning your computer, nor can it detect or remove any sort of malware. Scumware-Remover may install a browser hijacker and reset the Windows internet explorer settings so that the default page is Additional malware may be placed on your computer, which compromises system stability, makes your PC slow, and may cause damage. Private information may be at risk as well. System files may be modified or deleted which are crucial for your computer to perform normally.

Recommended Action:
Remove at Once

Scumware Remover

Manual Removal:
Manual removal of Scumware-Remover may be accomplished by killing all associated running processes, then detecting all related files and values in the Windows registry and other various locations in order to delete them. Manual removal is difficult, and may cause severe damage to your PC. It is recommended that you use a reputable antispyware tool such as Spyzooka to remove Scumware-Remover automatically. Spyzooka will scan your PC and remove all traces of parasites, infections and other security threats.

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