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There are many people who enjoy adult websites, but most of the people who spend time on them don’t realize that it can be dangerous. Many adult websites are created specifically to promote malicious software. What is worse is that some of these websites load Trojan programs like SysR onto computers without the user’s permission or knowledge.

Trojans like SysR will download other malicious software secretly. SysR is designed to download adware programs that promote adult websites. The adware that is downloaded will randomly generate pop-ups with adult content that could appear when a person’s child or guest is on the computer, which could be horrible and embarrassing. On top of this, SysR will seriously hinder an infected computer’s performance and cause it to work terribly slow.

Relative file contents:
chkreg.dll, sysmd.exe

If SysR has infected your computer, you should remove it immediately. To manually remove it, you should first stop the following process:


Then you should remove the following files:


This may sound very easy, but remember SysR is downloaded secretly and downloads other programs secretly. Before you may even realize that this Trojan has infected your computer, several adware infections could have infected your computer.

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