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Winspoe is a URLSearh Hook for Internet Explorer.  This is a browser hijacker that can change your browser settings, reconfigure your home page, and search settings.  It may also restrict access to certain web pages like anti-spyware manufacturers.

Like most Spyware, Winspoe’s goal is to collect demographic and surfing history for advertising purposes.  It is usually bundled with other software and is almost always installed secretly.   Once installed, Winspoe can deliver it’s wrath in a number of different ways.  This can be through bombarding you with pop up windows or taking over your browser completely and redirecting your home page.

Winspoe and other similar programs have been known to disable antivirus software completely, rendering your PC helpless against future threats.  The problem will not go away; ignoring it can only lead to costly repairs or even having to replace your entire system after a crash.

If you have been infected by Winspoe, you know it’s no fun, but the good news is you can get rid of it.   SpyZooka can detect even the sneakiest software, no matter where it chooses to set up shop within your PC.    From the time you install SpyZooka, you are protected as it automatically sets to give you the best protection for your PC.    With advanced features and continuous updates, you can rest assured that your PC will be safe and secure with SpyZooka guarded it 24/7.

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Winspoe file contents:


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