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ReportSearch is a spyware program disguised as a browser add on.  It was first discovered in December of 2006.  ReportSearch is a Trojan Backdoor program and is highly dangerous.  It was originally published by and  Both websites are now defunct after having been blocked by most antispyware programs.

The danger of Trojan Backdoor programs is that they allow hackers to have access to your computer from a remote location.  Through this breach in your security, they can access all of your files and upload them.  They can also download any program they wish to your computer.  This can lead to full destruction of your computer and identity theft.

ReportSearch is highly dangerous to your computers integrity and your privacy.  If you are infected with this spyware program, you should immediately remove it.  Since its file names are similar and, in some cases identical, to normal Windows programs, we highly discourage you from removing it manually.

We recommend that you use a spyware removal tool to remove ReportSearch.  SpyZooka is our most recommended program, since it has consistently proven to be effective in removing this parasite.

Also Known As:
3X Backdoor,

Associated Files:
reg.exe, (89731480-D47D-4DC4-8A36-BAAE55E094C5)

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