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SearchAndBrowse is an adware program disguised as an Internet Explorer toolbar add-on.  Not all toolbars are malicious, but there are some, such as this one, that are.  SearchAndBrowse was first discovered on June 23 of 2003.

It has no spyware capabilities.  It does not monitor your browsing habits or rifle through your temporary Internet files.

As a Browser Hijacker, SearchAndBrowse resets your home page and redirects your browser searches to its home page at  It will also add bookmarks to your Internet Explorer’s Favorites menu pointing to that site.  The search box in the toolbar points to the SearchAndBrowse home page, as well.

SearchAndBrowse does not offer anything beneficial to you.  It is only an advertising engine.  The hassle it provides isn’t worth what it can possibly offer you anyway.  It slows down your system’s performance.  It has been known also to cause Internet Explorer to crash while operating.

You should remove SearchAndBrowse with a reputable adware removal tool such as SpyZooka.  Manual removal instructions exist on the Internet, but using these techniques is highly discouraged.  They are time consuming and tedious.  They can also be hazardous to your computer’s registry.  With SpyZooka, you can remove this threat in a fraction of the time, with little technical knowledge, and with no hazard to your computer.

Also Known As: No known aliases

Adware Type: Toolbar, Browser Hijacker

Associated Files:
wst.dll in Windows\system32\
wst.dll in Windows\system\
wsr.dll in Windows\system32\
wsr.dll in Windows\system\
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\internet explorer\toolbar\{ec788b03-a743-4274-ac9e-db4f2a03f515}

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