SecureAntivirusPro Removal

SecureAntivirusPro is a rogue security program disguised as a legitimate antispyware removal application. This program advertises incessantly to the user, declaring that severe security threats reside on their PC. It is an attempt to sway the user into purchasing the full product to remedy the problem. SecureAntivirusPro cannot scan your PC, nor can it detect or remove trojans, worms, viruses or other security threats. What it will do is track your online activities, cause your computer to slow, and add additional malware that can potentially cause additional damage.


Secure Antivirus Pro
Secureantivirus ProRelated Files:  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “Secure AntiVirus Pro”
Secure AntiVirus Pro C:\Windows\av.exe

Advised Action:  Remove immediately

Manual Removal:  While manual removal of SecureAntivirusPro is possible, it is a very complex process that when not done correctly can cause severe damage to your computer. All related files must be completely deleted and running processes killed, which is a difficult task for the average user. These files will hide from you, making them virtually impossible to detect. Spyzooka is the only antispyware application guaranteed to remove 100% of parasites from your PC, and is highly recommended for complete removal of SecureAntivirusPro.

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  1. Sophia Lord says:

    This is my second year using SpyZooka and it works very well. It was easy to install and has provided the security I am looking for.

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