Spydevastator Is Devastating To Your Computer, and Your Wallet

Spydevastator is one of a family of malignant software called rogue antispyware, or more generally, corrupt security tools. These programs prowl the Internet, waiting to ambush unsuspecting users. They attack without warning; once you see them, you’re already infected. They may seem friendly, but they’re only after one thing: your wallet. And they’ll take as much as they can get away with.

This type of product most often lurks on infected websites or in infected downloads. The downloads are, in a way, easier to avoid than the websites, but no avoidance practice is one hundred percent safe. Even though most of the time, infected downloads are on peer to peer (P2P) file sharing communities and in pirated software, they can be transmitted by other downloads.

All the same, it’s best to avoid these downloading practices since, if for no other reason, they’re illegal. If a would-be Internet pirate somehow manages to avoid the constant dangers of infection from viruses, worms, Trojans and rogue security tools, they still have the FBI to consider. It’s safer to just avoid this practice altogether.

Then, there are the infected websites to consider. Many antispyware programs are beginning to ban these sites, but the problem is that the sites have to be discovered to be banned. A lot of the time, the infected websites are pornographic, online casinos, or “online pharmacies,” many of which wouldn’t attract most honest people.

However, each and every one of these programs has a “security tool” home page. These are designed basically to hijack people who are looking for new security software. Quite often, an initial infection from one of the other infected websites will lead a user to these sites.

They’re usually virtually indistinguishable from legitimate security tool websites. They may have good “ratings” from a PC Magazine, they will also have the free trial or online scan buttons. This is where the infection starts for many people, but it unfortunately doesn’t tell these pages apart from real ones. Most real antispyware sites, including mine, have these options, too.

However it happens, it all starts with a click of an infected button, then a pop up jumps out at you saying that your computer’s infected. Of course, it will never say that you’re not infected! It will probably also show you that it’s finding a massive amount of infected files on your computer. Then it will say that, for nearly twice as much money as other antispyware programs, it can remove these infected files. These files are your temporary files, none of which are infected. Of course, if they get your credit card number, it’s curtains for your identity. They can, and likely will, clear out your credit account.

SpyZooka was made to destroy these and other forms of spy software. We constantly search the internet to find new spyware to conquer. We’re so sure of this that we’re the only company with a 100% removal guarantee and we’re backed by the Better Business Bureau. That is to say, we’re not all talk.

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