Spyware Destroyer Removal

Spyware Destroyer is a rogue security program designed by hackers to steal innocent users’ money. These applications often install through trojans from a malicious website or P2P program. They may also come from downloading freeware, music and other files. Spyware Destroyer has the capability to track your online habits, as well as private information such as passwords and business log in information. It poses many dangers to your PC, and should not be trusted. It will often install additional malware on your computer.

Spyware Destroyer Files:

spywaredestroyer.exe spywaredestroyer.url SpywareDestroyer.lnk
SpywareDestroyer Website.lnk Help.lnk Registration.lnk Uninstall SpywareDestroyer.lnk

Recommended Action:  Remove Immediately

Removal:  Although many may attempt manual removal of Spyware Destroyer, it is not advised. This process requires full knowledge of these programs, their files and all related information. All files related to Spyware Destroyer must be deleted, which is difficult. These files easily hide from the user. If all related processes are not killed and files deleted properly, your PC could receive further damage. A reliable antispyware program like Spyzooka is highly recommended, and it is the only one that guarantees 100% removal of trojans, infections and other security threats with only one scan.

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  1. Sam Anderson says:

    SpyZooka saved my computer. I started using it at the recommendation of my computer guy and have not had any problems.

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