Spyware Profile for Bobbie Dialer

It is not even necessary to make a conscious effort to get illicit material downloaded to a computer’s hard drive — especially not when malware like the Bobbie Dialer can manage this task secretly, without the knowledge of the computer user! The Bobbie Dialer makes unsolicited changes to a computer modem’s dial-up settings, and then uses these changes to connect with an expensive, adult-content or international phone number. From there, unsolicited pornographic content can be downloaded to the computer.

The Bobbie Dialer program can be safely removed from a computer’s hard drive with a reliable anti-spyware system. One of the most trusted of these systems is known as SpyZooka, and it is produced by ZookaWare. The SpyZooka system offers guaranteed service in finding and removing malware like the Bobbie Dialer.

Spyware Name:
Bobbie Dialer

Also Known As:

Spyware Type:
Porn Dialer

Associated Files:
bobbie.bmp.exe, unpacked.exe

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  1. Amber Smart says:

    Great site, with great programs! No problem with them one bit and doesn’t take up a lot of resources either.. My computer runs great thanks to SpyZooka and Regzooka!

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