Spyware Profile for Celebat

The Celebat dialer is known for downloading unsolicited illicit content from remote sites to a user’s computer. Celebat dialer accomplishes this by attacking the computer modem from the inside, re-setting the modem to call expensive phone numbers to access adult-content websites. Once that connection is created, Celebat dialer is able to secretly download content to the user’s computer.

Certainly, the Celebat dialer can cause computer problems, but it is also able to be safely and securely removed with the utilization of an anti-spyware program designed for this purpose. One of the most reliable names in the industry, ZookaWare, has created an anti-spyware system with guaranteed results. This system, called SpyZooka, can both identify and remove Celebat and other malware.

Also Known As:
Cele Bat,

Spyware Type:
Porn Dialer

Associated Files:
No associated files currently available.

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  1. Tomas Peterson says:

    With this software I had no problem on removing Celebat. It worked better than I thought it will.
    Great job!

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