Spyware Profile for Frsk/SavetheStartDate

Frsk/SavetheStartDate is a hijacker.  This adware will give you nothing but frustration.  Frsk/SavetheStartDate will change your Internet Explorer browser settings.  This means that your home page setting will now be directed to a site of Frsk/SavetheStartDate’s choosing.  It also has the capability of changing your search queries to send you to sponsored sites.
Frsk/SavetheStartDate is not something that should be kept on your computer.  Your computer will begin to show signs of slowing down and its function will start to degrade.  It is highly imperative that you find a reliable source to remedy this problem.  SpyZooka is an excellent anti-spyware program that can help to remove this from your computer.

Also Known As:
Frsk Save the Start Date, FrskSave the Start Date,
FrskSavethe Start Date, FrskSavethestart Date

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