Spyware Profile for Hackarmy

Programs with the word “hack” as part of the name do not sound too trustworthy to begin with, and Hackarmy is one very good example of why. Hackarmy is a Remote Administration Tool (or R.A.T.) which is configured to allow complete and unfettered access to a user’s computer to a hacker from a remote location. They can see and access all files, and they have full control over the machine as well for any malicious purposes!  Hackarmy creates an army of potential problems, and should be removed immediately.

One very reliable way to eliminate the Hackarmy R.A.T. is through the anti-spyware  program called SpyZooka, which was written by the ZookaWare company in order to deal with threats like this. SpyZooka provides a money back guarantee to users as it searches for, discovers, and eliminates malware like the Hackarmy program.
Also Known As:
Hack Army,

Spyware Type:
R.A.T. (Remote Administration Tool)

Associated Files:

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2 Responses

  1. Megan Walters says:

    I couldn’t be happier with this product! Now my computer is truly safe.
    Using SpyZooka, I was finally able to clear my computer of Hackarmy.

  2. Patrick Ward says:

    Thanks a lot for your service! I am very greatfull to use SpyZooka. It helped me a lot in my daily job and all my customers are happy without any spywares.

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