Spyware Profile for Kergez

Kergez is a nasty mass-mailing worm and it will send itself to all the email addresses in your email system. The files that accompany will have extensions like .asp and .ht. This worm will also attempt to cancel the processes of various important programs, including antivirus software. This is a dangerous pest that should be removed from your system as soon as possible.
If you want your information to be safe and sound then you should try SpyZooka. SpyZooka is an excellent system that will restore health to your computer system. SpyZooka also offers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.
Also Known As:

Associated Files:
WinXP_Virus_Patch.exe, Virusun_Ensesine_Tokat.exe, Sophos_Patch.exe, Flood_Protect.exe, TrendMicro_Patch.exe, InternetWorm_Clean.exe, Fprot_Patch.exe, Security.exe, PantaAntivirus_Patch.exe, DoS_Protect.exe, DDoS_Kill.exe, Virus_Research.exe, Kaspersky_Patch.exe, BullGuard_Patch.exe, Norton_Patch.exe, Virus_Cleaner.exe, Virus_Guard.exe, Protect.exe, Virus_Hunter_II.exe, Internet_Speed.exe, Virus_Block.exe,  Antivir.exe


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3 Responses

  1. Conrad Poe says:

    I think i had a computer worm(I-Worm.Kergez), mcaffee pops up often with a message that says something along the lines of “Potential worm activity….5 emails sent within the last 30 seconds. Anyways, i tried around 5 different antivirus programs, and none worked. I finally installed SpyZooka and it said that the worm has been deleted. I really hope it is so.

  2. Matthew Bradshaw says:

    SpyZooka works good. Before this installation, it found I-Worm.Kergez in my PC. But after installation, it said that I-Worm.Kergez wes removed successfully!

  3. Louie Gallagher says:

    I purchased SpyZooka for two of my machines. It removed spyware that other software never saw. It is great!

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