Spyware Profile for Mailbot

Mailbot is a backdoor program that has Trojan capabilities. It will enter your system surreptitiously and will stay there hidden and will execute itself with each Windows startup. It was probably downloaded through a malicious email or may have even entered through a peer-to-peer file sharing program. Once inside, it will allow a backdoor to be opened so a hacker can enter to take over your computer. It will ruin most Windows operating systems.

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Also Known As:
Mail Bot

Spyware Type:


Associated Files:

111d19b60ae921ac90c2b73c2afe18e0.exe, 28a56f3a53ca91e85185bb28541b43b7.exe, dcpavss.exe, pe386.exe, psyh842210oi.exe, psyj980111.exe, trdgrre.exe

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