Spyware Profile for Nanspy

Nanspy is a nasty network worm. It often goes by the name of KASSBOT. When this pest infects your computer, it will make changes to your Windows registry. It is able to gain access through software vulnerabilities and because of this is able to download additional malware onto your PC. It will open a backdoor to allow an attacker to enter, as well. One good thing is that it not very resilient. It has to rely on a single executable file that has a name that is randomly generated.

You can easily remove this worm with SpyZooka. No one wants to have information stolen from them or feel like they are being spied on. Take control back with SpyZooka.

Also Known As:
Nan Spy,

Spyware Type:

Associated Files:
No Associated Files Currently

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3 Responses

  1. Ramon Foren says:

    I realized the other day that my computer slow down really bad. I run a scan with my av and it found nothing. I was sure that something is not working right, so I’ve decided to download another program to help me. I choose SpyZooka and it found some issues that attacked my computer. There was a hell for me. I want to give you my thanks, it helped a lot more than I was thinking.

  2. Sean L. says:

    That sure is a great post and a great program. Great job!

  3. Danny Tailor says:

    SpyZooka is a first class program!
    I saw the program recommended on a site and downloaded it. Within 15 minutes my problem was cured. Nanspy was removed and my computer is back to normal.

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