Spyware Profile for NewtonKnows

NewtonKnows is a sneaky hijacker that runs silently with Internet Explorer to record personal information about you.  NewtonKnows will record your browsing habits which include URLs that include addresses, phone numbers, etc.  This is sent to their controlling server and is used for marketing purposes.  Your homepage will be redirected and your search queries changed, as well.
NewtonKnows is bundled with file sharing programs such as Grokster, and was probably installed manually as part of one of these programs.
It is highly recommended that you remove this malware as soon as possible.  Use a trusted expert such as SpyZooka to get rid of the pernicious information-stealer right away.  SpyZooka has the experience to get rid of your problem forever.

Also Known As: Newton Knows

Spyware Type: Hijacker Plug-in

Associated Files: No associated files currently

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  1. Sally Pers says:

    I was online a short time ago, and I kept getting warnings regarding NewtonKnows on my computer. It ‘s all been a bit scary and I was worried about my computer, but SpyZooka removed NewtonKnows in a few moments. Thanks!

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