Spyware Profile for Windows Search Bar

Windows Search Bar is a browser hijacker that installs a toolbar and Browser Helper Object in Internet Explorer.   This parasite will break into your settings and change them to serve its own purposes.  You will go to Internet Explorer expecting to go to your home page, only to discover that you have been diverted to another website.  Windows Search Bar is also an adware program that will place unwanted advertisements on your computer by way of pop-ups, pop-unders and banners.  These are annoying and difficult to get rid of.
Your surefire remedy for this situation is to use a spyware removal system that is tried and true and comes with an excellent guarantee.  That system would be SpyZooka.

Also Known As:
Windows searchbar, WindowsSearchBar, WinSB

Spyware Type: Hijacker Plug-in

Associated Files:
[%SYSTEM%]winsb.dll, [%WINDOWS%]systemwinsb.dll

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