Spywarefighter is Just a Scam

The Internet has revolutionized the way the world exchanges information and they way it does business. However, it is a sad fact that the Internet has also revolutionized the way that criminals perform their evil deeds. While a lot of the software on the Internet is benign, there are programs like spywarefighter that are extremely malicious. You should protect your computer today to prevent the worries of tomorrow.

Spywarefighter is a rogue antispyware program that has been released to harass and rob innocent people. While it may appear to be a quality program, it really is just an imposter. Spywarefighter invades people’s computers through Trojan horses and gives deceiving messages in order to try to trick people into buying the full version of its program.

Using a Trojan isn’t the only way that spywarefighter tricks people though. It actually has its own website with deceptive advertising. It claims that it can completely clean up a computer and protect it from future threats. Spywarefighter also offers a trial of its program. It does this because many legitimate antispyware programs do this, but when it comes down to it, spywarefighter is just a fake.

The trial version of spywarefighter will initiate a system scan once it has been installed on a computer. The scan be quite convincing, but the results that it yields are completely false. It points to system files and personal files and claims that they are malicious. It may even use made up names just so that it can seem like it has done something. These false results are merely a scare tactic used to try to pressure the user into paying to register the trial version.

The registered or full version of spywarefighter is a complete waste of money. Spywarefighter won’t remove any actual threats that may exist, nor will it keep future threats from infecting the system. It is just a scam.

Because of this, spywarefighter should be removed as soon as it makes its first appearance. Manual removal is one option, but it is inefficient and can sometimes be difficult. However, if a genuine antispyware program is used, it can easily dispose of spywarefighter, as well as any other malicious software that may be infecting a system.

SpyZooka is an antispyware program that you can trust. Our parent company, ZookaWare, has been a member of the Better Business Bureau for years. We use a robot to search through millions of websites every day for new spyware so that SpyZooka will always be up to date. Because of this, SpyZooka is the only antispyware able to offer a 100% spyware removal guarantee.

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