Spyzooka Shreds Aureate Group Mail

Spyzooka’s seen it all when it comes to malware. Like so many things, you take a good program, and it will be turned into something corrupt and harmful. At one time, the Internet was a not for profit superhighway of information. It didn’t take long for phone companies to jump on with banner ads on different websites and next came adware. Aureate Group Mail doesn’t sound like adware, but it is. Aureate Group Mail claims to manage group mail, better known as e-blasts these days, for free.

How is Aureate Group Mail program free? Most group emailing programs cost money. In most cases, this will be money well spent. With all the regulations and laws put on email, you don’t want to find yourself on a spam list. Always look for a good program that offers lots of educational resources and tutorials on group emailing because you’re in a world of trouble without knowing the ins and outs of this game.

Aureate Group Mail is not going to help you with ethical group mailings. Instead, this company helps itself to your information to generate lots of pop up ads based on your browsing habits that they observe. Suddenly, freeware doesn’t seem so free anymore.

Not only are you prone to pop ups, but your browser may get reconfigured to show search results based on the 3rd party advertising affiliates of Aureate Group Mail. You may find addons or toolbars that you didn’t ask for. Plus, your computer’s slowed down because it runs in the background constantly observing what you are doing.

Spyzooka highly recommends that you remove the program immediately. If you want to remove the program yourself, it is possible. Why not let us take care of Aureate Group Mail for you? For just $29.95, we will protect you for the whole year from any problems you come across while you are online. We have a 24 hour removal guarantee. We also employ robot technology that combs the Internet 24/7 looking for all the latest updates and definitions before they find you.

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