SurfAssistant Spyware Profile

SurfAssistant is a Browser Hijacker toolbar program with spyware capabilities.  It is capable of logging keystrokes, monitoring Internet browsing habits, and replacing ads on web pages that you’re looking at with its own advertisements.  SurfAssistant targets all Internet Explorer versions.  It is also known to generate pop-up advertisements.

SurfAssistant was developed in August of 2004 by  It is installed on your computer by drive-by downloads at various affiliate sites.  There is no known EULA or consent forms associated with SurfAssistant, and it is installed without your approval.

SurfAssistant runs several simultaneous processes, and is considered to be a large parasite of your resources.  It should be removed immediately.  SpyZooka can blow SurfAssistant out of the water.

Type: Spyware, Browser Hijacker, Toolbar

Associated Files:

yvon’s training.lnk in Favoritesadult siteshardcore
atct.exe, elahwrcf.exe,
evgnin.exe, fov.exe,
ihglcl.exe, jon.exe,
mrqt.exe, nknqzkt.exe,
pixut.exe, tsr.exe,
xgf.exe in Windows, saiemod.dll in Windowssystem32, saiemod.dll in Windowssystem

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