System Tuner is Nothing but a Scam

There has been a rising epidemic in the world of antispyware. There are villainous programmers out there that are creating phony antispyware programs like System Tuner. That is why I must stress the importance of getting a genuine antispyware program to prevent these rogues from infiltrating your system. The only reasons that these rogues exist are to destroy your computer and steal your money.

System Tuner is yet another rogue security application in a long string of others. Because the scam that is being run is so successful, these programs just keep getting cloned, just like System Tuner is a clone of other rogue security programs.

System Tuner, like the others, usually sneaks into a user’s computer through a Trojan horse program like Zlob or some similar Trojan. The Trojans usually sneak their way onto computers through adult websites or they disguise themselves as video codec so that people will willingly download them.

Once System Tuner has been downloaded onto a user’s computer, they will be flooded with warning messages telling the user that their computer is infected with malicious software. System Tuner will also generate pop-up ads that will help to convince the infected user that their system really is infected. While it is true that the computer is infected, System Tuner just fails to mention that it is the infection.

Another feature of System Tuner is that it can perform a scan, though the scan is a complete fake. Still, it gives a very good illusion that it is working and once the scan is done, System Tuner presents a fake list of results. This fraudulent list of results and all of the fake warning messages are simply fear tactics to terrify the infected user into purchasing the registered version of System Tuner.

The full version of System Tuner offers no protection whatsoever. It doesn’t prevent spyware from infected a computer, nor does it remove any infections. The whole System Tuner experience is a scam and a ruse. Avoid this product at all costs and if you are already infected with it, then get it removed as soon as you can.

While System Tuner can be removed manually, manual removal is very time consuming and frustrating. Plus, since it is usually installed through a Trojan, once System Tuner has been removed, it could easily be reinstalled. That is why you need an antispyware program to completely remove all threats at once.

SpyZooka is the best choice when it comes to antispyware software. SpyZooka actually has a robot that searches through millions of websites every day looking for new malicious software. That is how SpyZooka stays constantly up to date. That is also why SpyZooka is the only antispyware that has guaranteed 100% removal of spyware. You know that you can trust this promise because ZookaWare, Inc., SpyZooka’s parent company, has been a member in good standing with the Better Business Bureau for years. If you want complete protection for your computer, then you want SpyZooka.

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