SystemSecurity Removal

SystemSecurity is a rogue security program disguised as a legitimate spyware removal tool. It is not capable of scanning, detecting or removing any infection or security threat from your PC. Like other malicious applications, this one is designed by hackers to fool users into believing their system is infected so that they will buy the product. This is a waste of money, as SystemSecurity will not do anything other than possibly place additional malware on your PC. It may also collect information about your online habits, such as search queries, websites you visit, and even personal passwords and credit card information. This information may then be sold to third parties. SystemSecurity may also affect the performance of your system, causing it to perform poorly and become unstable.

SystemSecurity Files:

1632575944.exe config.udb init.udb English.lng German.lng Spanish.lng System Security.lnk

Recommended Action:  Remove at Once

Manual Removal:  In order to remove SystemSecurity manually, all running processes must be stopped and related files deleted. This action is not advised as these files hide from the user, making them virtually impossible to detect. When not performed correctly, manual removal can cause severe damage to your PC. It is recommended that you use a reputable antispyware tool such as Spyzooka, which removes 100% of all trojans, worms, infections and other security threats with a single scan.

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  1. Joshua Gill says:

    I was having all kinds of trouble with my computer until I installed SpyZooka which has helped tremendously. I haven’t had any trouble since.

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