TheDefend is a rogue security program designed to alarm the user by displaying aggressive security alerts and warnings.  TheDefend may also display fake online scanners that claim to detect spyware and other parasites on your PC, although it is incapable of doing so.  TheDefend is malware, and may track your online interests as well as personal information.  This malicious software is unable to detect infections, and cannot remove any threat from your PC.  The intent of TheDefend is to make you believe that threats exist, so that you purchase the product to remove these threats and restore security.  Malware may damage your PC and threaten your personal identity as well.

Recommended Action:

Remove at Once


The Defend

Manual Removal:

In order to remove TheDefend, it is necessary to first kill all running processes.  You should then attempt to locate all related files and values in the Windows registry so that they may be removed, which is not an easy task.  Manual removal must be done precisely. If not, you risk serious damage to your PC.

To remove TheDefend automatically, it is suggested that you use a reputable antispyware application such as SpyZooka, the only product that guarantees 100% removal of all spyware, malware and other “badware.”

Related Files:

TheDefend.exe uninstall.exe
10754trz9293.cpl [RANDOM CHARACTERS].exe
3z2fback5oo924.dll %Temp%\\[RANDOM CHARACTERS].exe
TheDefend.lnk 1 TheDefend.lnk 2
Homepage.lnk 3 Uninstall.lnk

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  1. Dylan Gough says:

    I have tried a lot of anti-spyware programs out but I always keep coming back to SpyZooka. It is doing a superb job! It has never given me any real problems in the past and I would recommend it to everyone.

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