Total Security Offers No Protection for Your PC

Have you heard of the rogue anti-spyware Total Security? This application, like many others, attempts to fool you into believing that your computer is infected with viruses and other parasites. I am constantly on the lookout for scams like these, so add this one to your list of things to avoid. It is simply one more attempt to take your money and provide nothing in return – except maybe some real problems.

Total Security is usually installed by trojans, and is a total fake. It will alert you of viruses, security threats and other dangers that supposedly exist on your pc, though usually there is really nothing there. Programs like this cannot detect infections, and perform fake scans. They will then display the results of the scan, which of course are false. It does this to frighten you into believing that you have serious problems, and need to purchase their product to remedy the situation.

If you actually do have spyware installed on your pc, it needs to be removed with authentic spyware removal software. Let me explain exactly what spyware is for those who don’t fully understand what it is and how it works. This malicious software gets placed on your computer, usually through other programs you download. Some of the more common culprits are freeware, online computer games and videos. It is possible to get it from websites you visit as well.

Spyware gathers information about what you do while online. It keeps track of the searches you perform, the websites you visit, and other information. Occasionally, spyware will get access to your passwords and other important personal information about your online business accounts. This can actually put you at risk for identity theft. Removing spyware immediately is recommended.

You may be wondering how to know if you have a problem. I can assure you that you will know if malicious applications are installed on your computer by the symptoms you notice. While pop-up ads are the most common sign, you may also experience a slow pc, changes to your browser such as new toolbars, or a changed homepage. Occasionally, your browser will redirect to strange websites. If you begin having any or all of these symptoms, you need a spyware removal tool to restore security.

Rogue applications like Total Security should be avoided. If you begin getting alerts from this or any other fake program, you need to remove it. Reliable spyware applications will scan your pc for viruses, trojans, worms and other infections. Once detected, these parasites will be removed so that security is restored to your computer and personal information.

Spyzooka is unique from all other anti-spyware applications in that it removes 100% of infections with only one scan. In fact, it is the only program that guarantees complete spyware removal. If you have a problem, this is the best solution. There is no other software like it!

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