Tune SystemTuner Out with SpyZooka

Everyone wants their computer to work as well as possible. Unfortunately, there are programs like SystemTuner that pretend to help but in reality, they are nothing but rackets designed to swindle you out of your money.

SystemTuner is a fraudulent security application that tries to infect your computer through various means. Sometimes it uses rogue websites that temporarily hijack your browser and lead you to websites that you weren’t trying to visit. However, the most common means of infection is through security exploits in your computer caused by various Trojan horse programs.

No matter how SystemTuner gets its foot in the door, once it has infected your computer it will constantly bombard you with warnings. SystemTuner will tell you that you need to let it scan your computer for malicious software. It will also periodically cause pop-up advertisements to try to drive its point home. Interestingly enough, the warnings that SystemTuner delivers are true. It warns that your computer is infected. It just fails to mention that the infection is called SystemTuner.

If you let SystemTuner perform a scan, it won’t really scan your system for malicious threats, yet it will create a list of “infectious” files. The results that it yields will obviously be fraudulent and may include some legitimate files that your computer needs to operate. However, SystemTuner will tell you that they are serious threats and that you need to buy the full version in order to have them removed.

Don’t buy it. If you pay for SystemTuner then you will be wasting your hard earned money. These cyber criminals make thousands of dollars a week scamming people. Don’t give them another penny. SystemTuner doesn’t offer any sort of defense against malware and it will not remove any threats that may actually exist on your computer. No matter how much it promises to optimize your computer and fine tune everything so that it will work in tip-top shape, in the end, you will find that it is just a lie.

There are a couple ways that you could remove SystemTuner from your system, but one of the methods is risky at best. Manual removal is the least desirable, though it may be free. Trying to find all of the files that SystemTuner has created can be difficult and take up a good chunk of your day. Plus, you would still need to remove the Trojan that got it there and any other malware.

Instead, you should use SpyZooka to prevent infection and remove SystemTuner or any other infectious threats. SpyZooka is the only antispyware program that is guaranteed to remove 100% of spyware. Plus since the parent of Spyzooka, ZookaWare Inc. has a membership with the Better Business Bureau, you know that you can trust its product. SpyZooka is genuine antispyware that you can trust. What more could you ask for?

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