Uskayar is a backdoor Trojan. Backdoor Trojans do a variety of things depending on the need of the attacker. They exploit weaknesses in security and install software to for the attacker to use.

Some backdoor Trojans open up a channel for the attacker to control the computer remotely. Other backdoor Trojans gather information from the computer and send it to the attacker in a file. Either way, everything on an infected computer is at risk. All logins, passwords, and sensitive data are compromised.

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Since backdoor Trojans often generate random names for the files, it is imperative that you run a high quality spyware scan. SpyZooka offers a free scan to anyone interested. After scanning, computer experts can take the file list and remove the registry keys. The average computer user will want to let SpyZooka do this for them.

Once SpyZooka finishes scanning, click “Take Action.” SpyZooka will then remove 100% of spyware guaranteed.

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